Apr 18, 2013

Why Page Weight Matters

Designer Developer

Here is a fascinating story about a web developer at YouTube, and their quest (code named “Feather”) to reduce the overall download sizes of their video pages. What seems at first to be a fairly straightforward exercise in bandwidth reduction took a surprising turn, and ends up having a surprising lesson regarding mobile first design:

After a week of data collection, the numbers came backā€¦ and they were baffling. The average aggregate page latency under Feather had actually INCREASED. I had decreased the total page weight and number of requests to a tenth of what they were previously and somehow the numbers were showing that it was taking LONGER for videos to load on Feather. This could not be possible. Digging through the numbers more and after browser testing repeatedly, nothing made sense. I was just about to give up on the project, with my world view completely shattered, when my colleague discovered the answer: geography.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, because what they found is rather surprising. I’m sure you’ll be able to draw the implications regarding mobile design.

Mar 17, 2012

Images and Tables

Designer Developer

Creating responsive images and a process of ensuring that your tables are responsive is crucial when developing sites. A developer and designer should know a few considerations when creating images for the web and have a design strategy in place for their use. Also, tabular data must also a responsive strategy must be in place to consider how the content will flow as the browsers becoming increasingly smaller. The Go Mobile team explored a number of these considerations and have suggestions to present images and tables in the most effective manner.