Sep 19, 2014

Graceful Fail vs. Progressive Win

Designer Developer

You’re sitting at your computer with your web development ‘arme de choix’, staring at a blank page, wondering where to start…

If you’re like most of us (and statistically, you are) when you start busting out the div tags, your instinct is to design for a desktop and use clever automagical media queries to gradually remove content and functionality as the viewport shrinks.

Mar 10, 2014

How to helpful your webz.

Designer Developer Resource Center

Open this site in your phone … I’ll wait.

Did you see it? Instructions.

In case you didn’t see it open in your browser of choice and set the page emulation to your phone of choice (or just drag the edge of your browser to phone width.) Instead of being presented with a standard issue mobile site, we have a helpful pop-up that helpfully points out the helpful menus using helpful arrows. It’s all very helpful.

This addresses a problem often overlooked in the mobile-dev world. Customer: I’m at your site, but … how do I get around? Where is everything? Where are your links and buttons?


(If it was 40% of a person’s frustrations in 2011 it must be 9000% by now, if my math is correct)

At the NYC School of Visual Arts, they simply give you the answer, frustration free, with “View Section” and “View All” … Got it? (They have that covered too.) It wouldn’t have taken any great effort to play around with the site and find out how to navigate, but finding this helpful tip in place was nice; surprising and thoughtful. By dropping this little hint, they can elegantly hide the nav menu and give the site a nice visual kick without all those big clunky nav blocks eating up the screen space. It’s a minor, but impressive little bit of code; a nice little detail. Details count.


**it only works once per session. to see it again, use incognito mode or equivalent.