Feb 28, 2014

Google Analytics and Responsive Design

Communicator Designer Developer Manager

For many groups on campus, Google Analytics is a great tool to help you tweak your navigation and design. What about using it to show how people are accessing your site from a mobile perspective?

Check out this Google Analytics dashboard that you can add to your account that will help you get a better understanding of what devices are visiting your website.

If you are wondering whether or not it is time to go responsive (the answer is yes you should by the way) then why not let your site analytics answer the question for you. We have built a ready to use google analytics dashboard that lets you see how your site is stacking up across desktop mobile and tablets.

Feb 3, 2014

How two student organizations have harnessed the power of responsive web design.


The Department of Information Technology in the Division of Student Affairs has partnered with Fish Camp and Big Event to harness the power of responsive web design for the custom applications they support for these organizations.

The Big Event is first organization that DoIT implemented a responsive web application for.  The Big Event is a one-day service project where over 17,500 students volunteer to complete community service jobs for residents in the Bryan/College Station community.  Last year the Big Event completed almost 1,650 jobs.  During the very short kickoff period held in the parking lot of Reed, a representative from each group assigned to a job must register/check-in, receive their tool list, and turn in waivers for participants.  You can imagine the challenge of networking 20 laptops in a parking lot. Until the last few years, they used mifi hotspots for accessing the web application that supports this process.  To avoid wait times and long lines, the Big Event web application was modified to be responsive.  This allowed Big Event staff to use their mobile phones to walk through the lines and check-in volunteers if the check-in tables started experiencing long lines.  The student director staff can also utilize the application to monitor the number of groups who have checked in to determine when to start the welcome program and kick-off.

The next student organization that DoIT worked with to implement a responsive web application is Fish Camp, a four-day extended orientation program which kicks off in August.  Over 900 students must be checked in at Reed Arena on the first day of each session.  Attendees check in at designated tables for their camp color which are staffed by camp counselors, who use bar code readers to scan the participants nametags and check them into the Fish Camp Registration system.  The staff and students needed a real-time count of the number of students who had checked in and how many had not.  DoIT worked with the organization to make the Fish Camp Registration web application responsive.  This allows the Fish Camp student leaders to utilize their mobile phones to know when to begin their welcome activities.  Another benefit of making the registration application responsive was that it now allows freshmen to register for Fish Camp with mobile devices.  This has been a success; a majority of registrations last year were from mobile devices.

Jan 13, 2014

Now What?

Designer Developer Manager

Now What?

We have evangelized to you about using the “Responsive Web Design” for over two years now. We have done numerous presentations on: “Why Go Mobile”, “How to Go Mobile” and best practices. We have even done some basic training and given you templates to get you started with Responsive Web Design. So now what?

Well, we have one more option which would be beneficial for you. Prepare yourself for some engaging Responsive Web Design Conferences! These are events gather some of the top experts in the field to present on cutting edge topics related to Responsive Web Design and Development. Many of these conferences also have training available, so you gain practical development knowledge. There are a plethora of training opportunities prepared with you in mind. Here are a few options:


All of these conferences have a cost associated with it. For those that need some persuasion tactics for your boss to get one/more of these conferences on the usual tight budget, please see these links:

Why Go Mobile: http://gomobile.tamu.edu/why-go-mobile

Convince your Boss https://bdconf.com/resources/pdf/convince_your_boss.pdf


So……now what? See you at the conference!

Dec 6, 2013

Sign up for no-charge, responsive web design training

Communicator Designer Developer Manager Resource Center

Due to high demand, the Texas A&M Mobile team is providing another session of the hands-on responsive web design workshop. This training is offered at no charge to A&M System employees. Lunch and training materials will be provided. Please bring your laptop.

When: January 27, 2014, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: General Services Complex, Room 101 B&C

Register: https://secure.touchnet.com/C21490_ustores/web/store_cat.jsp?STOREID=190&CATID=341.

Hurry! Enrollment is limited to 20 seats.

See the training agenda and schedule. Please send questions to it-coms@tamu.edu.


Download the resources needed for the class: RWD Workshop Resources