Aug 20, 2013

The culture of mobile first


‘Mobile first’ in the cultural sense can also refer to the fact that for many people, especially babies and young children, a mobile device is often the first connected device they interact with and become familiar with. This mobile-first mentality shapes how they interact with the world and creates expectations for everything around them, including non-touch devices and inanimate objects, to be intuitive, touch-friendly, and always on. These mobile-first minds are unencumbered by mental models from computing’s past, and as a result will certainly shape what we expect from our connected world moving forward.

Via the blog of Brad Frost.

Aug 14, 2013

Webkit adds support for high-resolution displays


Webkit just added support for the new srcset attribute. From the Webkit blog:

WebKit now supports the srcset attribute on image (img) elements (official specification from the W3C). This allows you, the developer, to specify higher-quality images for your users who have high-resolution displays, without penalizing the users who don’t. Importantly, it also provides a graceful fallback for browsers that don’t yet support the feature.

Although it will be a while before this is usable across a broad spectrum of browsers, it’s progress in a good direction.

Jul 10, 2013

Mobile-first redesign of

Communicator Designer Developer Manager Resource Center

Texas A&M Information Technology recently redesigned thinking mobile first. Our team worked to streamline and reorganize the content to improve readability. The site is divided into articles on big topics like identity theft or protecting confidential information. Each article has an introduction paragraph and sections with clear headings to make the content easy to scan. On mobile devices, the body content is converted into an accordion, which keeps scrolling to a minimum and allows readers to select the topics most relevant to them.

Jun 17, 2013

Resources from Go Mobile RWD Clinic


Resources that were discussed in the RWD Clinic on Friday, June 14, 2013:

WordPress resources

Responsive tables

Other resources mentioned

Jun 6, 2013

Best of both worlds: How to think like a designer, work like a developer

Communicator Designer Developer

Watch the presentation or download, Best of both worlds: How to think like a designer, work like a developer, at

View the presentation slides.

The speakers, Laura Root and Xavier Porter, graphic designers with Texas A&M Information Technology, provide insights on how the design process fits into the new responsive website paradigm. Key takeaways include how to integrate RWD into your team process, the importance of wireframes, and helpful tools and resources for designers and developers.