Dec 4, 2014

Mobile Use over the Thanksgiving Holiday


Luke W. tweeted a few stats from IBM over the Thanksgiving holiday that further emphasizes the importance of mobile-friendly sites.

Dec 4, 2014

Wanted! A few good developers to add to my design process

Designer Developer

Smashing Magazine recently added a post to their site from Paul Boag which is a must read!  It reiterates many of the reasons why our department began incorporating the developers into our initial conversations when developing websites.

In addition, the article reinforces the idea that we should stop seeing developers as the enemy or “those people” but rather as allies to the cause of creating creative and effective websites.

If my word is not enough, maybe reading this article at Smashing Magazine will help melt your hardened heart.

Nov 21, 2014

Google will now label mobile friendly sites in mobile search


We have a new incentive for going mobile!

Earlier this week, Google announced a new mobile-friendly label to help users identify responsive and mobile sites at a glance from their mobile device.  To check if your site has the label, just search from your phone or tablet. You can also use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check your site and review the documentation in their Webmasters Mobile Guide.

Mobile friendly label used in a search result

More at the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

Source: Google via Digital Trends


Nov 14, 2014

Open Source Best Practices for Mobile Web Development

Developer Resource Center

Google has put together an amazing resource for web developers, centered around responsive development. The great thing is, it’s open source. This means that experts from around the world have been collaborating to bring together a set of resources for web developers, and you can contribute too. The code for the project is all on GitHub.

The link to the resource is:

The topics covered range from best practices for the look and feel of your site to optimizing performance for mobile devices.

If you work in the web and have some great resources of your own, go ahead and leave a comment.

Sep 30, 2014

5 Responsive Techniques for your Responsive Headache – part 1

Designer Developer

Every developer and designer has those days that no matter what you try or imagine, it just doesn’t work for your responsive site. Your idea may be a great solution for mobile devices but, it is not as user-friendly on desktop and vice versa.  You use all of your progressive enhancement knowledge and yes, it is functional but does it really meet the need of the user?  Does it really fit with the flow of the site? At times, the answer is no.

Here are a few techniques and plugins that I have found that have helped cure my…well, responsive headache.