Nov 14, 2014

Open Source Best Practices for Mobile Web Development

Developer Resource Center

Google has put together an amazing resource for web developers, centered around responsive development. The great thing is, it’s open source. This means that experts from around the world have been collaborating to bring together a set of resources for web developers, and you can contribute too. The code for the project is all on GitHub.

The link to the resource is:

The topics covered range from best practices for the look and feel of your site to optimizing performance for mobile devices.

If you work in the web and have some great resources of your own, go ahead and leave a comment.

Mar 3, 2014

Content Comprehension

Communicator Designer Resource Center

I recently read an article comparing the comprehension scores of the same content read on a desktop and on an iPhone. Not surprisingly, the comprehension scores from readers using an iPhone were 48% of those using a desktop. The article, written by Jakob Nielsen and can be found here, goes on to explain why readers would have a more difficult time understanding content on a mobile device versus a desktop device. The author also gives some good tips on how to improve comprehension of your content on mobile devices.

In conclusion he states, “complicated content should be rewritten to be shorter, with secondary information deferred to subsidiary pages.” While we often get wrapped up in visual design, I think understandability of content can be just as important.