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Mobile technologies increase access to knowledge resources, foster collaborative interactions and support Texas A&M University’s mission to meet the evolving educational and societal needs of the state, nation and world.

Why We’re Going Mobile


The World is Going Mobile

Mobile phones are quickly overtaking PCs for web-access worldwide.


Going Mobile Supports the University’s Mission

Going mobile has great potential to improve student communication, engagement and learning.


Being Mobile Friendly Enhances Recruiting

Mobile-friendly campuses are becoming a selling point for prospective students.

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How To Go Mobile

Texas A&M supports mobile web technologies that simplify keeping pace with a rapidly evolving mobile landscape.

Having a responsive website that adjust to any device is the best way to ensure a usable and effective mobile presence.

A few of our latest article topics:

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What is Mobile



Responsive websites, mobile sites and apps are the technologies that are used for mobile development.


Mobile devices include laptops, netbooks, tablets and e-readers, as well as cell phones.


Mobile phones are quickly overtaking PCs for web access worldwide. Mobile use is both “on-the-go” and a leisure activity.

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